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Joel Osteen Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Kids, House


Joel Scott Osteen is the original name of Joel Osteen. He was born on 5th March 1963 in Houston, Texas. He is an author and an American Pastor, whose televised sermons are attended by more than 7 million people every week and 20 million people every month in 100+ countries.

Joel Osteen Net Worth 2019

Joel Osteen has a net worth of $50+ million, in 2018. It was estimated that his net worth was heading from $40 million to $60 million, in 2017.

He lives with his family in a mansion, situated in River Oaks. The area covered by his property is approximately 17,000 Sq Ft, which is calculated at the price of $10.5 million.

Joel believes in his earning and income, received from his writing works and serves in the Lakewood Church without taking any salary. Though he is entitled to the salary of a senior Pastor, which is $200,000. However, he never remains dependent upon the salary of the Church.

He is counted among 8 richest Pastors, in America. Joel Osteen is ranked in 4 richest Pastors, all across the world.

Joel Osteen Biography

Full Name Joel Scott Osteen
Birthdate 5th March 1963
Birth Place Houston, Texas
Residence Houston, Texas
Nationality American
Age 56 Years
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11 in)
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Hair Color  Not Known
Eye Color  Not Known
Zodiac sign Pisces
Occupation Pastor
Marital Status Married
Wife Victoria Osteen
Son Jonathan
Daughter Alexandra
Official Website www.joelosteen.com


Joel Osteen completed his academics, from Humble High School in 1981. After that, he attended Oral Roberts University. He studied Radio And Television Communications, at the University.

Career in Church

Joel’s father always wanted him to preach in the Lakewood Church, but he was not in the mindset of doing the services of Church. Later on, in the last few days of Joel’s father’s life, he agreed and started preaching in the same church his father was preaching into.

Joel televised his father’s sermons continuously, for 17 long years. When Joel Osteen started preaching in Lakewood, the number of people attending the preaching raised from 5,000 to 43,000 in some time.

His teachings were mainly based on the principles of the Bible, which he taught in very simple and understandable language to the masses. His focus was to teach the Mercy of God, instead of scaring people from the Sins of humankind.

Fortune Maker Path

Joel is a renowned author of 10 books, based on different subjects and concepts. His literary work was ranked number 1, on The New York Times Best Seller List.

His first book was named- Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps To Living At Your Full Potential, gained the readership all across the globe.

Joel has a completely unique style of writing, that attracts the readers in an exceptional manner. His books are being liked by a specific community of readers, with a particular liking of the works.

Joel Osteen always stays away from commenting on the controversial subjects of society. Like Homosexuality, abortion or politics. Since he believes in living a normal life, without any kind of social hindrances or pressures.

Personal Life and Family

His father’s name is John Osteen and mother’s name is Mother Dolores. He is accompanied by 5 more siblings, in his family.

He got married to the Co-pastor of Lakewood Church, Victoria Osteen in 1987- April. They have a son and a daughter, out of their wedlock.


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